Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(2)

Coaching Practice-Builder Support Call Replay(2)

Hi there,¬†great to see you here ūüôā

Here is our last Coaches’ Support Call Recording…

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Here’s what we covered in this session:

> Introductions

> Min. 3:07 – The importance of Clarity: Clarity of WHO You Serve & WHAT Do You Serve –¬†The Most Important FOUNDATION Element (!)

> Min. ¬†8:23 – The “Whack on the Head Effect” – let your prospect know that they are at the right website (or that they are talking to the right person) – importance of headline (or your elevator pitch, when communicating in person)

> 10:45 РThe importance of Lead Generation (All Client-Attraction starts with a lead)

> 12:56 –¬†Marketing / Business DEFINITIONS:
– Lead
– Prospect
– Niche
– Target Market
– Strategic Partner
– JV Partner
– List (list of followers / email list)

> 20:10 –¬†The Client-Attraction PYRAMID
(The 5 Elements of a Successful Coaching Business)

> 30:50 – What is a Landing Page? … what should be on a Landing Page?

> 37:55 РThe two Main (list-building/marketing) Mistakes of Beginner Coaches

> 40:40 – The importance of Opt-in offers & headlines (exploring the topic through James’ website) – How to FORMAT Your Headlines

> 45:35 РThe Importance of Laying a Solid Foundation 

> 47:50 – The Secret to Success

> 52:55 – What info should you include (or not include) in your Bio (on your website… or in any media where you use a bio, such as LI, speaker introduction bio, etc.)

> 56:45 – “Smart” lead-generation strategy – How to eliminate (or dramatically reduce) the number of Just Friebie seekers… when it comes to Complimentary Sessions &¬†How to Identify/Connect with Prospects who Are Ready to Hire You

> Membership site (very) basics
(discussing Raph’s membership site)

> 1:00:36 – The¬†Easiest Membership Site Theme & Membership Site “Plugin” (Optimize Press)

> 1:01:25 – Membership Site TUTORIALS within – Click Here (you must be logged in)

> 1:05:37 – The importance of Silence… when asking for feedback or questions from your audience

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